How to Identify Cold vs Warm Leads using Lead Scoring

Identifying a lead whether it is a warm or cold lead is very important for your business. There’s what we called as Lead scoring where every sales person can gauge a certain lead using different metrics that will help to determine if it is worth it pursuing, saving more time, and at the same time getting more sales.

Lead scoring is not rocket science, you basically score a lead from various actions a user had taken. For example, when you received a visitor in your website and it shows interest by signing up in your newsletter, or more common action where they will contact you via contact form, or sending email straight to the displayed email address in your site.

If you have some surveys running, and if you see them completing it, then that’s a good sign that they are very much interested on what your site is offering. It could be a product or a service, much more when you have tracked them using analytics that they keep on coming back, meaning they are about to purchase through your website.

Those kinds of visitors are likely to convert. Once you got their email addresses and names, you can try sending them a promotional offer and there you can conclude who are really interested as you can track who are opening your emails, clicking links, all these possible with the use of a good CRM or customer relations management tool.

 If you are being offered by someone to purchase a lead, I strongly suggest that you pass from their offer as this email list are subscribed to a different company, and by cold calling or emailing them is intrusive, not inviting. There’s also high chances of flagging your email as spam, because they were annoyed with your marketing tactics and these could potentially harm your business in the long run. You annoyed a bunch of people in short period of time, expect to see some negative reviews about your company in Social media and I’m sure you don’t want that to happened.