The Four Ps in Marketing

The four Ps is Very important before you will open your business. You need to think about your product, price, place, and promotion. Working on these 4 Ps needs to be done in a way that they will fit each other to ensure the success of your business not just the marketing plan.


The product is the First P in marketing. You need to know what your product is, it can be tangible or not tangible. A service can satisfy a product like a massage or facial services or outsourcing services or food product. It depends what is your product in your business.


If you already know what your product is, the second things that you need to decide are the right price for your product, it should not so expensive or cheap it defends of the quality of your product if you will have a high price the customer will expect more. If it will be in so low price some of the customers will think it is not quality.


Promotion is the big impact in your business how you will promote your products? If your business new How the people will know about your product? You can use media, give some flyers, billboard. Give some discount. You can use email blast. Promotion is a way to know your product and business. Any point of contact between a buyer and a seller by a well-positioned brand to truly maximize return on investment

Choosing place is critical, you need to make sure it is convenience to the potential clients. You need to think if the product and price is suiting to the place. If your place is in the five-star hotel, you can high your product but if you are In 3-star hotel your price is in middle or not so high.